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Can the police lie about evidence?

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2022 | Federal Crimes

After an arrest by the police on serious charges, you may believe they have don’t any evidence. But, what happens if the police bring you in for an interrogation, and they claim they actually do have that evidence? 

For instance, maybe they claim they found your fingerprints at the scene of the crime or that there was DNA evidence that was recovered and matched to you. Or perhaps another individual was with you at the time and was also arrested, and the police claim that person confessed to the crime and implicated you in the process.

You are skeptical about all of this, of course, but the police maintain that it’s true. Are they lying to you, and would such a thing be legal?

Do not automatically assume officers are being honest

Police officers are certainly not obligated to be honest with you. They can make up evidence, manipulate you, twist the facts or even deliberately lie. They could certainly claim to have evidence that they never found or to have a testimony from a witness that they never received. This is legal, and they can use it as a way to get you to cooperate with their investigation or even admit to something that you didn’t do.

This helps to show why it can risky to completely trust an office in a situation like this. You always need to consider your legal options carefully and work closely with a criminal defense attorney who can help you avoid any serious mistakes.