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Why is a strong DUI defense strategy vital?

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2022 | DUI

Getting a charge for driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs isn’t something to take lightly. And even if you know your charge is unjust, it’s best not to assume that a court of law will find you innocent without a strong presentation of evidence in your favor.

Immediate consequences of a DUI

As soon as you receive a DUI, there are some penalties that you may face right away. This could include having your license taken from you, spending time in jail and paying fines and fees. Even if you have the money to cover the immediate expenses you come across, the surprise of it all can still be stressful. Not having a license, even for a few days or weeks, can also create inconveniences when you must commute to work, give family members rides, see friends or run errands. Plus, if you wind up behind bars, you may be unable to take care of responsibilities and may face harsh judgment from your loved ones.

Long-lasting outcomes of a DUI

In the long run, the criminal stamp on your record could pose a series of difficulties, like losing out on college scholarships or job opportunities. Even if you successfully reinstate your driver’s license, your car insurance rate may rise. And if your case leads to more than a few hours in jail or a probation sentence, facing personal life or mental health challenges could be likely for years to come.

A first-time charge alone can have lasting penalties, which is why it’s dire for you to look far and wide for reasons your arrest may have been unfair. Creating your own defense comes with challenges, so seeking professional help is your best bet.