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Do not share prescription medications

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2022 | Drug Crimes

You may have heard that people make a lot of mistakes with the best of intentions. They are simply trying to help or they’re trying to do the right thing, but it leads to a crucial error. In some cases, they may even end up breaking the law.

One way that this can happen is if you have prescription medications that you obtained after going to the doctor. You’re supposed to use all of the medication or throw away what is left, but people often forget to do so. You may have a bottle of leftover pills at the house.

If you do, someone that you know may ask you if they can borrow them or use them. They may be experimenting with different medications to see what works for them, or they may know that they have the same medical issues that you do.

Why you can’t share the medicine

You may be very tempted to share this medicine with them, intending only to help. But you can’t do so because it is illegal to share any type of controlled substance under U.S. law. This includes medication that requires a prescription. It is not just the sale of these drugs that is illegal, but any level of sharing between people who may not have their own prescriptions.

Facing legal charges

If you feel that you haven’t done anything wrong because your intentions were always good, and perhaps you didn’t even know that what you were doing was illegal, you can still find yourself facing serious legal charges. It can help to have an experienced team on your side as you sort through all of the different options and focus on a positive future.