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Is it safe to text at a red light? 

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

When a driver pulls up to a red light, they may take that opportunity to pull out their cell phone. This driver may not even consider that texting and driving is prohibited, but they do know that it’s dangerous. That’s why they’ve waited until they’re at the red light. They didn’t want to text while they were actively driving.

It is certainly true that no one should text while their car is in motion. But is it also true that it’s safe to do this at a red light?

27 seconds of distraction

It is not safe to text at a red light, and the reason is quite simple: You are still distracted. If you get distracted by your phone while waiting at a light, studies have found that this distraction will then last for the next 27 seconds, on average. As you start driving again, your distraction level remains, and you are not as alert or focused on driving as you should be.

This can lead to many different types of driving mistakes. Drivers cause accidents when they don’t see other cars that are turning, when they strike pedestrians in the crosswalk, when they drive at the wrong time – such as when they go out of turn at a blinking light or a stop sign – and much more. There is never a safe time for a driver to text while they are in the car, and it always increases the odds that that driver will cause a car accident.

Have one of these drivers injured you?

You can avoid texting and driving, and that is a good first step toward being safe. But you could still be injured by another driver. If you are, you must know how to seek financial compensation for your injuries and losses.