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Do college students get expelled over criminal charges?

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2024 | Criminal Defense

When a college student gets arrested, one thing they may be worried about is their status at their academic institution. This is a very important steppingstone for their future, they’ve worked hard to get to this position for years and they need that degree to embark on their career.

What the student is worried about – on top of the criminal penalties they may face – is that they could be expelled because they have been accused of criminal activity. Is this something that may happen and a legitimate fear? Or does an arrest have nothing to do with your college status?

The code of conduct

In some cases, a college will immediately expel a student if they’re accused of a very serious crime. When students are accused of felonies, for example, they are likely going to be spending a long time in the legal system, so they wouldn’t be able to attend school anyway. The school will quickly move to remove that student from the university.

But for more minor issues, it often depends on the code of conduct. The school may be able to expel a student if they have violated that code of conduct in some way.

Often, it depends on the severity of the accusations. For instance, a college student who gets a drunk driving charge may not be expelled from college because it is considered a relatively minor and common issue. But if they are accused of causing a fatal drunk driving accident, then they may be expelled due to the severity of their actions.

For those facing charges, education is just one thing to consider. They need to be well aware of all the legal defense options at their disposal.