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Our Firm’s Notable Successes

Largest Public Verdict in City of L.A.

Los Angeles Police Department officers shot a married father of two children who became quadriplegic as a result of the shooting using highly escalating and unauthorized crowd control tactics. Attorney Raoul Severo obtained the Largest verdict ever rendered against the city of Los Angeles in a police misconduct case.

Home Detention For Money Laundering

Federal prosecutors sought a 20-year sentence for money laundering and structured financial transactions. Negotiated plea agreement for 3 months in home detention.

Reduced For Fugitive

Federal prosecutors sought 360-month, 30-year sentence. Client failed to appear for sentencing and became a fugitive for three and one-half years. Attorney Severo negotiated a reduced sentence of 84 months.

Reduced Sentence For Multi-Kilo Drug Offenses

Client was arrested with 29 kilos of cocaine and 3 kilos of Fentanyl in the trunk of their car. Prosecutors invoked the Federal 10-year mandatory minimum sentence statute, seeking 20 years imprisonment. Attorney Severo, negotiated a plea agreement for 5 years imprisonment.

Dismissal on Domestic Violence

Client was facing felony domestic violence charges that would have resulted in loss of employment and jail time if the case had not been properly handled. Raoul Severo’s investigators revealed that the victim had been battered by another person who had been a jilted lover.

Dismissal on Drug Trafficking

Client had no prior criminal record and lived a mostly law-abiding life, which helped to convince the supervising District Attorney to dismiss the case.

Dismissal on Arson Charges

Client was facing 10 years of imprisonment for setting fire to residential premises. Mr. Severo was able to convince the District Attorney to dismiss the case on a showing that the premises were inhabited by the Client and there was no harm or threat to any other persons or premises.