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Is there a seasonal aspect to crime rates?

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2024 | Criminal Defense

Crime is certainly not inherently seasonal, in that it can happen all year around. But studies have found that certain types of crime follow predictable trends. One of these trends is that some types of crime, including violent crime, are more common during the summer months.

Why is this true? That is a little bit less clear, as researchers differ over what they believe is happening. Here are a few of the most common explanations.

Young people have more time on their hands

Every summer, there is an increase in fatal car accidents involving teenagers, and the main reason is just that they are not in school. This could also be a reason why teens and young adults get involved in criminal activity. The summer break gives them more free time, and they are more likely to get in trouble with the law. This is especially true for teens who do not work over the summer. 

More people are outside

Additionally, the warm weather means that more people are outside socializing. Some of these social interactions are going to go poorly. The fact that people encounter each other more often during the summer means that confrontations are just statistically more likely.

The heat impacts emotions

Finally, there are those who argue that hot weather itself can change how someone feels. It makes them more likely to be agitated or irritable. This could cause disputes to escalate. Some assaults and violent crimes may be the result of the weather itself. 

These are just a few potential reasons why crime happens at certain times of the year. Those who are facing serious allegations need to know about all of their legal defense options.