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2 ways people in California can break marijuana laws

On Behalf of | May 21, 2022 | Drug Crimes

California was a pioneer in medical marijuana and among the first states to legalize marijuana possession for adult recreational purposes. While most states in the country have now reformed their marijuana laws, California is still a tourist destination in the minds of many marijuana enthusiasts.

Despite the perceived leniency of state law toward marijuana users, California’s laws are actually more strict than the legalization statutes in several other states. There are still multiple ways that people could end up facing criminal charges over marijuana in California.

They share with or buy for a minor

With the exception of minors who have the proper authorization to use marijuana for severe medical conditions like epilepsy and cancer, those under the age of 18 cannot legally possess or use marijuana. Adults who grow or purchase marijuana and then transfer it to a minor could face criminal charges.

They possessed more than an ounce

While you can legally own marijuana and use it in a safe manner, you cannot possess a large amount at one time.

  • If you consume natural-state marijuana flowers, California law limits you to one ounce in your possession at any time.
  • If you use marijuana extracts or concentrates, California law limits your possession to eight grams.

Any amount over those limits will lead to criminal charges.

Several other issues could also lead to criminal charges

Public consumption, giving people marijuana-laced foods without their knowledge and driving after using marijuana could also lead to criminal charges. Contact an experienced criminal defense attorney if accused of breaking California’s marijuana laws.