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Careful steps for recovery after a car accident

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Getting in a car accident can be a traumatic and painful experience. An incident that unfolds in a matter of seconds can change your life for good. Fortunately, there are aspects you can control starting at the scene of the crash and after settling your claim.

After calling for help and gathering evidence and information at the scene, it’s time to compile an insurance claim or file a lawsuit and ultimately end this chapter. Doing so will only be possible with a proactive mindset and learning to make the most of your claim.

Keeping track of expenses

Expecting compensation is often justifiable, but you will likely need to move forward with covering accident-related expenses before accepting a settlement offer. Therefore, fronting car repair expenses, medical bills and alternative treatments may have to come out of your pocket before receiving damages. You might also have to pay all these unexpected costs while taking time off from work and missing pay. Keeping a paper trail, including receipts, medical records and communication with your employer, will be crucial.

Weighing all options

Notifying insurance about your accident and diligently collaborating with them will work in your favor. There are often strict deadlines, so it’s necessary to contact an agent as soon as possible. It’s also worth noting that as eager as you may be to put your accident in the past, you may receive a lowball offer. Instead of immediately accepting an offer, check that the amount presented to you makes sense, given the known and predicted costs of the wreck and its aftermath. Negotiating a more acceptable offer is an option, and you can also seek legal support if you are unsure if the adjuster is playing you or if fighting for fairness on your own doesn’t work.

Reevaluating habits

Even if you didn’t play any role in causing the crash, tumultuous events often give us the space to reassess how we go about our days. Although a collision isn’t an ideal way to remember how short life can be, it gives an opportunity for every party involved to drive with more care. Maybe that means putting your phone down or reconsidering speeding on your way to work. There’s always room for improvement.