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Why is it dangerous to drive too slowly?

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

It’s fairly well known that it is dangerous to break the speed limit. The road design may not be able to handle higher speeds, which can cause someone to lose control. Speeding also reduces reaction times, which can lead to accidents.

But some drivers will take things too far in the other direction. They will drive well below the speed limit. They honestly think that what they are doing is safe and that they are reducing their odds of getting involved in an accident. But the opposite may actually be true, as it can be very dangerous to drive too slowly.

Speed differences cause crashes

It’s not speeding that leads to car accidents. It is the difference in speed between two vehicles. A speeding driver is more likely to rear-end someone ahead of them simply because they are approaching that vehicle at a faster rate than anticipated.

But the same thing is true when a driver is going too slowly. Drivers behind them will be coming up on the slow vehicle much more quickly than anticipated. They may have to aggressively hit the brakes or even change lanes to avoid a crash. This can cause traffic jams and additional traffic congestion, which in turn increases the odds of an accident. Drivers who are going slowly may have good intentions, but they are still creating a dangerous speed differential and disrupting the flow of traffic.

Unfortunately, drivers are going to continue to make these types of mistakes. If one of them has made a negligent error and caused you to suffer injuries in an accident, you need to know if you can seek financial compensation.