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Can you sell your recreational marijuana? 

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2023 | Drug Crimes

There was a time when selling marijuana at all was illegal, but those times are now behind us. Today, recreational marijuana is legal and sold in California and many other states. This has really changed the way that consumers look at it, as many people now view it similarly to the way that they view alcohol. Sales are restricted, but they are common.

That said, you may be considering selling your marijuana products to someone else. Perhaps you bought more than you need. Maybe you didn’t like a certain type of product. Maybe you have friends who want to purchase marijuana and you’re the only one who wants to take a trip to the local dispensary. Is it legal to re-sell recreational marijuana products that were purchased legally?

Permits are required

The short answer is no. Permits are required for anyone who is selling marijuana, and they have to be appropriately licensed. The state still controls marijuana sales and purchases. Just because these sales are no longer illegal doesn’t mean that there aren’t certain steps that must be followed and regulations that have to be met. Only a legally permitted dispensary can make the sales.

Can you share it?

One thing to remember is that you can give away marijuana products, perhaps sharing them with friends. This is not prohibited, except to say that you cannot take money for this transfer, and the other person has to be someone who can legally possess marijuana. For instance, selling to someone else who is also 21 would be legal, but selling to a teenager would not.

Marijuana laws are always changing, and mistakes could lead to criminal allegations. Those facing such charges need to know about their defense options.