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What are the penalties for a second California DUI conviction?

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2022 | DUI

The first time a California police officer pulls you over for driving under the influence (DUI), pleading guilty to the charge may seem like a quick and simple solution. Despite the possibility of a criminal record, license suspension and even incarceration, a significant portion of those accused of impaired driving in California do plead guilty to those charges.

That guilty plea can come back to haunt you later, however, if you get arrested again.

A second DUI offense in California carries more serious penalties than a first infraction. Knowing the consequences of a second DUI could give you a reason to fight back against your second charge or even the first time that the police arrest you.

California has relatively strict drunk driving penalties

If you have a second DUI arrest within 10 years, the consequences of a conviction will be more serious. You will lose your license for at least a year and will need to serve at least 96 hours in jail. The judge typically will not waive the incarceration part of your sentence as they might be in the first offense. The maximum incarceration period also goes up to one year instead of 6 months.

You could face fines that could be nearly $2,000 and will need to attend DUI driving classes that will require months of effort. When you do get your license back, you will have to pay to install an ignition interlock device. You will also have to pay far more for car insurance because of your recent conviction.

Fighting back against a pending DUI charge can help you avoid the enhanced penalties that come with each subsequent offense and protect your future interests. Experienced legal guidance can help you obtain a successful outcome for your case.