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Protecting New Ideas In The Crypto Space

Cryptocurrency is the hottest investment space right now. Between new types of “coins” and NFTs, there is always a new crypto development. If you want to position your company to make a splash in this area, you need confident, thorough legal assistance.

At Bulldog Law, we are attorneys with experience in cryptocurrency to represent you in a variety of cryptocurrency matters, including intellectual property (IP). The complexities of intellectual property law, coupled with the newness of the technological area, make for a delicate legal approach.

IP Issues Related To Cryptocurrency

The most obvious issues related to intellectual property and crypto are the needs of companies to protect their work. New uses and novel pieces of technology related to crypto are extremely valuable, but you may have to contend with such matters as:

  • Piracy
  • Infringement
  • Misuse
  • Trade secrets
  • Licensing

We take a proactive stance on these matters, offering real-time advice as situations develop and change. We aim to secure your investments with the strength and insight we’ve developed over our careers.

We can also offer insight into such issues as:

  • Effective policies for protecting IP produced by employees
  • Protection of trademark and copyrights
  • Global IP protection methods and technology
  • Contracts and negotiations around IP

When you need the help of a lawyer to secure those pieces that make a difference for your business, we will be there.

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