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Embezzlement and employee theft are serious charges that can carry jail or prison time, plus a felony record. If you are charged or under investigation for embezzling, you cannot talk your way out of trouble. You need skilled legal counsel.

The criminal defense lawyers of Bulldog Law have experience with embezzlement charges and other white collar crimes. We know how to counter the allegations and position clients for the best possible outcome of a bad situation.

Understanding The Crime Of Embezzlement

Embezzlement occurs when an “insider” with legitimate access to money or property takes it for their own use. It might be a crime of opportunity, such as pocketing some of the proceeds from a cash-based operation. It may be a sophisticated scheme involving electronic transfers or forged documents. It can be a one-time theft or an ongoing pattern of siphoning funds over months or years.

We bring extensive years of experience to your defense. We have handled both state and federal embezzlement charges, such as:

  • Corporate embezzlement involving many thousands of dollars
  • Employee theft of cash or merchandise
  • Misappropriation by lawyers, executors, trustees, treasurers and other fiduciaries
  • Siphoning money from nonprofit organizations

Challenging The Allegations

We represent anyone – from executives and business partners to office managers, bookkeepers and fundraiser volunteers – accused of theft by embezzlement. The prosecution must prove certain elements, including (a) missing funds (b) opportunity and the (c) intent to permanently deprive the employer or organization. Borrowing company funds with the intention of paying them back is a terrible idea but not necessarily criminal. We explore every possible defense, including other parties who could have committed the crime.

Embezzlement is a misdemeanor or felony offense, depending chiefly on the dollar amount involved. A conviction could result in jail or prison, fines and restitution, plus all the consequences of a criminal record. Through prompt intervention, we aim to get charges dismissed entirely or reduced to a lesser offense. In some cases, we can negotiate restitution or resignation in lieu of pressing charges. We are always ready to defend our clients at trial to avoid a conviction.

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