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Cryptocurrency is still relatively new, and legal processes surrounding it can be overwhelming. This area of law is complex, and our attorneys have years of experience helping clients with digital securities, real estate tokenization and other cryptocurrency matters. 

Navigating federal securities law requires experience, skill and a deep understanding of digital securities and cryptocurrency. Our attorneys can provide reliable legal guidance to help our clients meet their goals. With years of experience supporting our knowledge, we know how to effectively handle your cryptocurrency case with an individualized plan of action to help you find success.

We Understand State And Federal Regulations

When you have a project involving tokenization, you often have to deal with multiple regulatory laws that can be confusing and overwhelming to manage. Real estate tokenization can benefit your business and create new opportunities for purchasers and investors. Our attorneys understand the tokenization process and can help ensure your venture is successful.

Our experienced attorneys can also help you with:

  • Digital securities
  • SEC compliance and blue sky filings
  • Private offerings under Regulation D, S and A
  • Regulation crowdfunding
  • Private and exempt funds
  • Investment adviser compliance

Blue-sky filings are a response to blue-sky laws, which are state regulations that aim to protect investors against fraud. Our California attorneys have an in-depth understanding of state regulations. We can also help ensure you comply with blue-sky laws and SEC regulations. We can also help ensure that private placement investment offerings under Regulations D, S and A comply with the Securities Act disclosure requirements.

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