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Many people have a passion for motorcycles. Perhaps it's the feeling of riding free that nothing else can match. Maybe it's also the camaraderie you've found in the biker community. Perhaps it's a way for you to enjoy scenic drives and being outdoors.

When an accident happens, it can feel like your entire life has been upended. At Bulldog Law, we understand what you're going through. We've handled many motorcycle accident cases across California. Our lawyers can help you sort out your legal options and pursue the compensation you need to get life back on track.

How Motorcycle Accidents Happen

Even the most experienced, safety-conscious motorcycle riders can find themselves suffering serious injuries after an unavoidable accident. The fault often lands squarely on the shoulders of careless drivers. Common factors include:

  • Not paying attention (often due to texting while driving or cellphone use)
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances
  • Misjudging the motorcycle's distance
  • Cutting you off when making a left-hand turn
  • Speeding or going too fast for the conditions

Identifying these factors can make a big difference in proving fault. Our motorcycle accident attorneys know how to gather the right evidence to build a strong claim.

Navigating Insurance Issues

As with car accident claims and other types of personal injury cases, motorcycle accidents often require dealing with multiple insurance companies, which can be a headache. The insurance company may try to pressure you into making a statement or accepting a settlement. It's important to not do either unless you've talked with a lawyer. Otherwise, you could jeopardize your rights and end up short-changed.

Our motorcycle accident lawyers are also here to answer any questions you may have about your personal injury claim.

What Evidence Can Help Support Your Motorcycle Accident Claim?

Evidence in these motorcycle accident claims should both support the fact that the liable party is responsible for your injuries while also maintaining that you were not liable. For example, evidence like witness testimony, expert witness consultations and dashcam footage can help establish that the defendant is liable; and the fact you were wearing a helmet, obeying traffic laws and driving safely can establish your lack of liability.

Do You Have A Personal Injury Claim If You Were Riding A Motorcycle With An Invalid License?

Regardless of whether or not you had a valid license at the time of your accident, you can still file a personal injury claim for the harm the liable party caused you. We can help you pursue the justice you deserve in your claim.

What Types Of Compensation Can You Receive After A Motorcycle Accident?

Fair compensation for any personal injury should reflect the current and future expenses of any injuries and the lasting consequences of the accident. We can pursue full and fair compensation through negotiation and litigation to include lost income, medical expenses, property damage, disability adaptation and more.

Is Lane-Splitting Legal In California?

Regardless of whether a road has moving or still traffic, lane splitting is legal in California. It is important to remember this if your claim involves lane-splitting, as it will not count against the lane-splitter, regardless of what side of the claim they are on.

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Our attorneys are familiar with the many legal nuances of serious injury or wrongful death cases resulting from motorcycle accidents. We will work hard to put your case on the strongest footing.

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