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Making the United States your permanent home can be an exciting process. It can be challenging, stressful and emotional to navigate the rules of immigration and deportation. But our team at Bulldog Law can help bring you peace of mind through this big life change.

Our immigration lawyers have over 90 years of experience helping people from all walks of life in California navigate legal obstacles. No matter the specifics of your case, you can count on our immigration law team to take the time to learn all about your situation and move in a swift manner to reach timely results. We offer services to both English and Spanish-speaking individuals.

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The last thing we want for you is to feel lost as you are looking for a new place to settle in – or to fear that you will be deported. That is why we strive to reach the best possible results for clients in cases of:

Your desired outcome is our top priority.

What Are The Types Of Immigration Statuses In The U.S.?

There are many different legal statuses that people who are not from the United States can be given when they enter the country. They may be a:

  • Naturalized citizen
  • Lawful permanent resident (LPR)
  • Conditional permanent resident
  • Temporary resident
  • Temporary worker
  • Nonimmigrant visa holder or visa waiver
  • Special immigrant juvenile
  • Refugee/asylee

People who enter and stay in the country without proper authorization don't have a legally recognized status and are commonly referred to as “undocumented.”

Understanding The Naturalization And Citizenship Process

Becoming a naturalized citizen of the United States can take years of work. However, the process itself is relatively simple to understand.

To be eligible, you must be at least 18 years old and live in the U.S. as a lawful permanent resident for at least five years or be married to a U.S. citizen for at least three years. You must be able to read, write and speak basic English, have basic knowledge of U.S. history and the principles of its government and take an oath of allegiance.

If you are eligible for naturalization, you may prepare an Application for Naturalization (Form N-400), submit it and pay the associated fees. You may be required to submit biometric data after submitting your application.

Next, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will schedule an appointment for you to complete your interview. You'll also complete an English and civics test at this time.

After the interview, you'll receive a decision on your application. It could be approved or denied, or you may need to supply additional information or documentation.

If your application is approved, you'll attend a naturalization ceremony. During the ceremony, you'll take the Oath of Allegiance, return your Green Card and receive a Certificate of Naturalization.

How Can You Obtain A Green Card?

There are a variety of ways to be eligible for a Green Card, including:

  • Through family
  • Through employment
  • Through asylum or refuge

You may also be eligible if you have lived in the U.S. continuously since before 1972, are the victim of human trafficking, crime or abuse, or if you fit into other categories. An immigration attorney from our firm can help you learn more about these categories.

The first step in obtaining a Green Card is to file an immigrant petition. In most cases, someone sponsoring your petition will do so on your behalf. If the petition is approved, you can file a Green Card application. Then, you'll submit biometric data and attend an interview. Finally, you'll receive a decision on your application.

What Are Examples Of Nonimmigrant Visas?

Some of the most common types of nonimmigrant visas issued in the United States include:

  • Tourist (ex. B-2)
  • Work visas (ex. H1-B)
  • Business visas (ex. B-1)
  • Student visas (ex. F-1)

People passing through the U.S. on a layover may also need a visa. These are called transit visas.

Avoid Deportation With A Criminal Defense Bulldog

If you've already settled in California but are facing possible deportation, you can count on our immigration law firm. In addition to helping those who enter the country, we also help individuals avoid deportation. Whether you are being accused of a crime that could cause deportation or you're worried about being forced out for another reason, we will diligently fight for your cause.

The dedication we give to each case we're assigned, combined with successfully and aggressively taking many criminal matters to court, makes us more than ready to serve you.

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