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The U.S. immigration process is not easy. It is convoluted and complex, and the results are incredibly high stakes, particularly if immigration is necessary for you to be with your family. It takes an attorney with determination and experience to move an immigration case forward, especially when the results matter so much.

Our attorneys have decades of combined experience and a strong reputation for perseverance. Immigration matters are intimidating, but they do not have to be. With Bulldog Law, you can trust that we will provide the attention you need and answers to your questions. Below are a few of the most common questions clients have asked.

What are common types of family visas?

According to the U.S. State Department, there are two types of visas for bringing family into the U.S. as permanent residents: “Immediate Relative” and “Family Preference” visas. Additionally, which family members you can sponsor differs depending on your status as a citizen or a permanent resident. A citizen may sponsor their:

  • Spouse
  • Parents
  • Siblings
  • Children (with some restrictions)
  • Fiancé/fiancée

Permanent residents and refugees may only petition for their spouses and children.

How long does it typically take to bring your family to the United States?

Bringing family into the U.S. can take an extended amount of time. Some attorneys say as little as 13 months, others up to seven years. The waiting period is highly variable based on your specific case, the courts, the law and many other factors. It can be faster to get your family a permanent resident visa if they already reside with you.

What is the general process for bringing your family members to the US?

To bring your family to the U.S., you would first begin by filing a form with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS). USCIS will review the forms according to their policy. There are specific wait time differences depending on your relationship with the person you wish to sponsor. Then, there will be a hearing where an immigration judge will decide on the application.

Strength Through The Immigration Process

While your case may not resolve quickly, and it may take time to get your family permanent resident status, we can work with you. We understand immigration law and may find solutions that work for you. Contact our firm today by email or by calling (888) 928-1609.

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