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Buying a gun out of state

Posted by Bulldog Law | Jul 21, 2020 | 0 Comments

California Penal Code 28050 And 30605

California has quite strict laws regarding gun control rather than any other place. It has some specific guidelines regarding gun storage and also it has a ban regarding assault weapons. If you need to buy it then you have to buy the guns through some licensed dealer only. So you cannot buy a gun outside California and then come back to the state. There is a strict guideline about how you can bring your gun to the state. In this article, you will get to know all the details regarding the gun purchasing laws in California.

How to Bring the Guns to the State – California Penal Code 27540, 27585 And 27875

Generally, if you need a gun then you have to buy it through some licensed dealer in California. But there is also a certain set of rules before you can get the handover of your gun from the dealer. The major verifications are done of the owner like: 

  • The verification of the background of the owner to check if he/she has a criminal background
  • The waiting period is there for 10 days
  • The owner has to present safety certificate regarding firearm

But It Has Some Exemptions From This Type Of Requirement Which Are:

  • If you are listed in the registry of firearms as the owner of guns then you can bring your weapon to the state.
  • If the record of a dealer shows that you are the owner and received the firearm previously from the dealer.
  • If you have a California license to carry a handgun and now bring that to the state.
  • If you reside in California and have a gun previously kept in any other state of the US before 2015.
  • If you are an adult and inherited a particular gun from your immediate member of your family then also you are exempted from the rule. But you have to possess a proper safety certificate and also have to meet other guidelines.
  • If you are a gun collector or some importer and have a proper license for it.

Penalties If You Are Caught With an Illegal Purchase of a Gun 

 According to California Penal Code 19, 1170(h) and 27590, there are two different punishments regarding buying a gun outside the state and bringing that to California.

  • If you are caught bringing the gun to California illegally, you may have a punishment of 6 months of imprisonment in the county jail and/or a substantial amount of $1000 as a fine. 
  • If you have a handgun as your firearm then this crime will be treated as a wood le which means you may face charges like misdemeanor or felony. In that case, you can have 1-3 years of imprisonment in the county jail with different clauses and/or alarm for some amount of $1000 as fine. 

In both cases, if you are able to hire some criminal lawyer in California then you may get out of this type of crime. 

Ways to Get Your Gun to Your Home Safely

If you have already bought a gun from a particular dealer outside California then the seller has to ship it to another licensed dealer in the state of California. You can also follow the particular rules regarding the shifting of firearms through the Postal service of the US or some contract careers. 

California Federal Criminal Law and Federal Criminal Statutes Attorney

If you contact a highly skilled criminal attorney they represent the  best possible source in order to obtain the most qualified help possible and get out of so many types of cases that cannot be handled by common people. 

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