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2 things to avoid doing if you’re accused of assault

Posted by Bulldog Law | Jan 19, 2022 | 0 Comments

An assault conviction can lead to a criminal record, which could have a significant adverse effect on the rest of your life. That is on top of any sentence you may ultimately receive if you're convicted.

A wrong step could harm your chances of acquittal. Therefore, if someone accuses you of assaulting them, you must tread carefully and hire an experienced California criminal defense attorney. Here are two things to remember as you begin to build your defense:

1. Avoid posting about the event on social media

You may feel angry and offended if someone falsely accuses you of assault. Yet, posting a rant about your accuser on social media could work against you. The prosecutor could take a copy of your post and use it to persuade a judge that you have violent tendencies and are a danger to the community.

Even an unrelated post could work against you. For instance, the prosecutor could take a photo of you hunting that you publish to say that you idolize the power of dangerous weapons or “gun culture.” The best thing to do is turn off your social media accounts entirely until the case is closed. That way, you will not be tempted to post something in a low moment that could later be harmful.

2. Do not contact your accuser

Unless it is a case of mistaken identity, your accuser may hope to gain something from the accusation. That could be especially likely if they are someone you know, such as your partner's ex or someone from a  business relationship that turned sour. Do not, however, try to contact them to strike a bargain.

When someone is accused of assault, the court will generally order the defendant to stay away from the alleged victim. If you try to reach out to your accuser, you could face additional charges related to the violation of the court order or stalking.

If you've been falsely accused of assault, it can be rough to be patient and let your defense team do their work – but that's the best move you can make.

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