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Examples of the newest technologies used in criminal defense cases

Posted by Bulldog Law | Mar 22, 2022 | 0 Comments

If you buy the latest mobile phone, you will expect that the camera is as sharp as possible. Similar standards exist in many lines of work as outdated technologies are quickly becoming a thing of the past. This logic applies to the tools used by police officers and criminal investigators. For example, while a parking ticket might still have handwritten components, its record will be electronic rather than stored in a physical file cabinet.

Due to the progress of technology, it's essential for individuals facing a criminal charge to see how new systems may influence the handling of their case. Below is a sampling of some of the latest technologies used to investigate one's crime.

  • Cameras: Pulling surveillance footage from security cameras at area businesses and homes or traffic cameras are traditional ways of investigating. The improvement of these cameras through the years already makes them a vital tool. On top of that, there are dashcams on police cars, bodycams worn by police officers and drone cameras that can give a clearer picture of what went down at the scene of a crime or an arrest.
  • Gunshot detection: When looking into a crime scene where a gun was involved, police officers can use preinstalled electronic sensors to lead them to, or close to, the source of gunshots.
  • GPS tracking: Many police forces can track a suspect before pulling them over. Police officers can release a tiny, sticky dart containing a GPS tracker from the front of their car onto a suspect's vehicle. GPS tracking also makes electronic monitoring possible. This often happens through ankle bracelets given to individuals who need to serve probation in place of jail time or home arrest after their release from jail.
  • Prediction algorithms: If a suspect has a warrant out, then a prediction algorithm may assist an arrest. Camera footage captured by police cameras can feed facial recognition software and help point out a potential suspect.

While these advanced tools may lead to an arrest, that doesn't always mean the arrest is fair. A tracking dart could have accidentally landed on your vehicle or facial recognition software could incorrectly place you at a crime scene. With knowledge of the latest technology used in criminal cases and with the help of a skilled legal team, a strong defense may positively change your future.

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