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3 misconceptions about your roommate’s drug use

Posted by Bulldog Law | Sep 14, 2022 | 0 Comments

You may have a roommate who uses drugs – and you decided that's none of your business, even though you think they use to excess. Still, when police came knocking on your door and it was clearly related to the drug issue, it was a shock.

After the officers searched your home, you may have found yourself in the back of a police vehicle. There may be many thoughts going through your head, but not all of them may be accurate. Here are three misconceptions you may have:

1. Only your roommate will face drug charges.

Because of how drug laws work, you may be charged with constructive possession because of your roommate's illegal drug use. A constructive possession charge may mean that it's believed you had access to and control over the drugs – even if you didn't have them on your person.

2. You can't face charges just for sharing a prescription.

In a worst-case scenario, your roommate could end up overdosing on drugs. If you supplied your roommate with the drugs (whether you sold them an old prescription of painkillers or just shared your own stash) that could lead to serious trouble. Prosecutors have taken to charging friends, families and fellow addicts with some kind of homicide when there's an overdose.

3. You don't need any kind of help from an attorney.

You may initially believe that law enforcement will let you go after you explain the situation – but this is a big mistake. So is trying to talk yourself out of the situation on your own.

Exercise your right to remain silent until you can get the kind of legal guidance you need to mount a strong defense

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