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Avoid these 3 mistakes if accused of a crime

Posted by Bulldog Law | Oct 03, 2022 | 0 Comments

Discovering you face criminal charges can be scary. Unfortunately, that could lead you to do things that make your situation more difficult.

Once you realize you might face charges or already are, you need to think everything through carefully. That is why the general advice is to seek an attorney immediately. They can guide you on what to do and what not to do.

Here are three things to stay clear of:

1. Posting about your charges on social media

Let's say you are charged with assault after a bar fight. You feel indignant because the other person threw the first punch. If your social media posts are open to the public, someone could make comments suggesting that you were to blame — and provoke you into defending yourself with a narrative that could later be used against you. They might even have a recording of you earlier in the bar, appearing a bit drunk or mouthy. 

Legal teams often search social media for evidence, so by refraining from posting, you reduce the chance you'll gift them something that harms your defense.

2. Contacting your accuser

Let's imagine the bar fight was with someone you know or a friend of a friend. It may seem natural to try and contact them to see if you can sort this out some other way without involving the courts. They could agree, but the risk is that they record your contact attempts and present them as evidence that you were trying to silence them.

3. Destroying evidence

Prosecutors will look for evidence to use against you. They may even try to take something innocent and twist things so that it looks like evidence. You might think disposing of anything they could use to accuse you is a wise precaution. Yet a court might view it as you trying to cover something up, which could lead to further charges.

If you're facing criminal charges, you cannot afford to make these mistakes. Seeking urgent legal guidance is crucial to avoid doing so.

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