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What is an example of an attractive nuisance?

Posted by Bulldog Law | Jan 07, 2023 | 0 Comments

Homeowners need to be well aware of the risk of an attractive nuisance. It could mean that they are liable if someone else gets injured on their property. This is especially true in cases involving children. The homeowner may claim that they didn't try to cause an injury and they didn't even believe they were negligent, but the attractive nuisance doctrine may say otherwise.

Essentially, anything that may attract a child and that is also inherently dangerous could count as an attractive nuisance. The child will be drawn to it and will not understand the danger. If something goes wrong, they could be severely injured. That child may not have had any invitation to come on the property and may even have been trespassing, but property owners still need to do what they can to keep children safe from themselves.

So, what is an example of an attractive nuisance? Consider these examples:

Playground equipment and pools

More than anything else, backyard play equipment and inground pools are two types of attractive nuisances that come up frequently. Both of them can be severely dangerous, either for falls or drowning incidents. Additionally, children find both of them very fun and may be drawn to play on them, even when there is no supervision and they aren't supposed to be on the property.

To prevent this, property owners need to show that they took proper steps to keep the child from being injured. This could include putting a fence around the property or around the pool, for example.

If your child has been injured and you can see that another property owner was negligent in allowing the attractive nuisance to remain exposed, then you need to know how to seek financial compensation for medical bills and other costs.

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