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California’s most dangerous roads

Posted by Bulldog Law | Feb 27, 2023 | 0 Comments

Since the early 1960s, California has been the country's most populous state. Having that status also may lead to a number of other attributes, including having a great number of dangerous roads and dangerous drivers.

A recent analysis made by personal finance website MoneyGeek determined the state's most dangerous roads. The dubious “winners” include roadway stretches in the San Bernardino, Berkeley, Contra Costa County and Sacramento areas.

Review of nearly 10,400 fatal crashes

In coming up with its findings, MoneyGeek analyzed data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration during the three-year period of 2017 through 2019. The website's researchers reviewed nearly 4,500 California roads and nearly 10,400 fatal crashes that occurred on them.

Here is a list of California's five most dangerous roads – all of which were roughly 5-mile stretches on U.S. Interstates:

  • S. Interstate 15 between exits 138 and 129 (Hesperia): This roadway north of San Bernardino recorded 19 fatal accidents that led to 19 deaths.
  • S. Interstate 80 between exits 14A and 8A (Berkeley area): This stretch recorded 15 fatal accidents that led to 17 traffic deaths.
  • S. Interstate 80 between exits 15 and 21 (Contra Costa County): The area that includes Richmond and San Pablo had 13 fatal accidents leading to 18 deaths.
  • S. Interstate 5 (Sacramento): Specifically from Del Paso Road to Railyards Boulevard, this stretch of road accounted for 13 fatal accidents and 16 deaths.
  • S Interstate 215 between exits 44B and 30 (San Bernardino area): This roadway had 13 fatal accidents, leading to 13 deaths from 2017 to 2019.

Causes of any motor vehicle accidents vary. Of the state's 10,370 fatal crashes that occurred during that three-year period, speeding contributed to 28% of the crashes; drunk driving to 27%; and distracted driving to 4%.

Remain alert to reckless drivers

Any time you get behind the wheel of your vehicle, make sure to understand the dangers that may confront you at any intersection and any road. Focus on defensive driving, remain alert to negligent and reckless drivers and have a safe trip.

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