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What is positive confrontation?

Posted by Bulldog Law | Nov 14, 2023 | 0 Comments

Police officers will often use various tactics and tricks to try to manipulate potential suspects. They may try to get them to confess or provide information that they wouldn't otherwise. After all, police officers are often allowed to lie to suspects, and this is part of the reason why it's important not to talk to the police without a lawyer.

One such tactic that they use is known as positive confrontation. How does this work and why do the police use it?

Why did you do it?

If you find yourself in this position, the police will tell you that they know you're guilty of the crime. They may lie and say that they already have evidence or a confession from someone else. They will act as if there's no question about your guilt or innocence. They know you're guilty and now they're just going through the steps required to get the conviction.

So instead of asking you for an excuse or an alibi, they will ask you why you committed the crime. They will act interested in your motivations. They may even frame it in a way that makes you feel like talking about the event can get you out of the charges. For instance, the police could ask you if someone else put you up to it or something of this nature.

But always remember that the police are just fishing for information. It doesn't mean they actually know anything or that what they're saying is true. It doesn't mean that they are actually interested in your side of the story. They're just trying to get you to make a mistake that allows them to arrest or even convict you. Be sure you understand exactly what legal defense options you have.

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