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Statistics related to deportation in the U.S.

Posted by Bulldog Law | Jan 04, 2024 | 0 Comments

Taking a look at U.S. deportation statistics offers insights into the volume of cases, nationalities affected and the legal processes involved in deportation cases.

The information available in these statistics is vital for individuals and families dealing with related immigration matters.

New and closed cases

As of November 2023, in the fiscal year 2024, U.S. Immigration Courts recorded many new cases, totaling 419,721. This high volume of cases reflects the ongoing challenges faced by the immigration system.

Only a fraction of these cases, 0.26%, were subject to deportation orders based on alleged criminal activity of the immigrant, excluding possible illegal entry. The relatively low percentage of cases affected by deportation on criminal grounds should inform the immigration debate concerning the reasons behind most deportation cases.

Active cases and completion rates

The number of active cases pending before the Immigration Court as of November 2023 stood at an overwhelming 3,075,248. This backlog indicates the immense pressure on the immigration court system and the lengthy process many immigrants face. Of the cases closed in FY 2024, only 135,162 reached completion, demonstrating the slow pace at which the system operates.

Removal and voluntary deportations

Around 35.2% of these completed cases resulted in removal and voluntary departure orders, totaling 43,568 deportation orders. This figure sheds light on the outcomes of immigration court proceedings and the reality many face in these processes.

Immigrants from Honduras topped the list of nationalities of those deported, with the most significant number ordered deported in FY 2024. This statistic underscores the need for targeted legal and support services for these communities.

Legal representation

A concerning aspect of the immigration process is a broad lack of legal representation. In November 2023, only 16.5% of immigrants, including unaccompanied children, had an attorney to assist them in cases where a removal order was issued. This low percentage highlights the potential challenges immigrants face in navigating the legal system.

The statistics from FY 2024 paint a picture of a strained immigration system. The data underscores the importance of legal representation and support for immigrants and the need for systemic reforms to address the backlog and inefficiencies in the immigration courts.

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