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Claims to file after a truck hits your car and causes serious injuries

Posted by Bulldog Law | Apr 16, 2024 | 0 Comments

Highway injuries involving motor vehicles and light trucks were on the rise in 2021, as reported by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics in January 2024. Nationwide, there were more than 1.1 million injured persons in passenger cars and over 983,000 injured occupants in light trucks.

Suing everyone linked to the truck

When a truck collision causes serious injuries, its driver is not the only one you can sue. Those who loaded the truck and did maintenance on it can be liable for errors. You can also sue the owner for failing to ensure that their truck is in good condition and their workers are competent.

These are the following claims that an injured party may file:

  • Physical injuries: The main claim of an injured party is for the defendant to pay for their medical costs. If the injured is insured, then the claim would just deal with the amount not covered by insurance.
  • Psychological and emotional injuries: The injured party can ask for money for psychological trauma and emotional distress.
  • Property damage: If the truck damages your car, you can seek compensation to repair the damage. You can request for a replacement if your car is irreparable.
  • Lost wages: Serious injuries hamper occupational capacity, so you should ask for money to make up for the time you didn't get to work.
  • Reduced earning capacity: You must factor in how the injuries will affect your earning capacity. An injury may prevent you from working again or reduce job opportunities because of your limited motor skills.

In California, you can sue for personal injury within two years from the accident. It's advisable to file the case at the county where the incident happened, where the truck driver lives or where the truck owner holds business.

Seeking reparation and recovery

Serious injuries due to a car crash are too heavy to bear. Although nothing can totally relieve you from immense suffering, seeking legal support will help you achieve recompense that may help you heal, recover and start anew.

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