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What are chemical sobriety tests?

Posted by Bulldog Law | May 07, 2024 | 0 Comments

Drivers who are arrested on suspicion of drunk driving may be asked to do a chemical sobriety test. Chemical sobriety tests evaluate a driver's blood alcohol content (BAC). BAC is the amount of alcohol that may be found in the body. If a driver exceeds the legal BAC limit, they may be violating traffic laws.

The police can ask drivers to conduct any of three chemical sobriety tests. Here's what you should know about each:

Urine sobriety test

If a driver does a urine sobriety test, they will likely need to relocate to a hospital or police station. They'll be asked to provide a urine sample that would be tested. The resulting test can reveal a driver's BAC levels.

Breath sobriety test

A driver could be asked to do a breath sobriety test. This test allows a driver to blow into a small device. After a few seconds, this test will evaluate a driver's BAC levels just from the air they blow out. This is often a preferred test because drivers do not have to relocate.

Blood sobriety test

Much like a urine test, a blood sobriety test can have a driver relocate to a hospital or police station where they will provide a blood sample. The blood sample can reveal a driver's BAC levels. Out of the three tests, blood tests can be the most accurate. However, lab issues and contamination can cause failed or inaccurate test results.

If you are asked to do a urine, blood or breath test, then it can help to learn about your legal options.

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