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Does a DUI charge or conviction affect whether you get hired?

Posted by Bulldog Law | Mar 09, 2022 | 0 Comments

Today's job market is highly competitive. You want to stand out from your rivals by highlighting your skills and credentials. Something that might draw attention to you in an unwelcome, negative way when you are job-hunting, however, is a DUI charge or conviction

This can be tricky to navigate during the application and hiring process, You always want to be honest and straightforward about everything in your background, favorable or not. Yet you prefer not to be eliminated from the running, either. 

Employers often do background checks on prospective hires. An employment application might ask if you have ever been convicted of a crime. In case it comes up, it's best to plan how you will deal with this situation. Here are some things to consider:

Getting to and from work might be a problem

If your license was suspended, alternative means of transportation to your new job would be necessary. Some places don't have extensive public transportation systems, so you would need another reliable method of getting to your workplace on time. Be ready to reassure your employer about your transportation situation, so they know you are reliable.

You need to choose your words carefully if questioned

Don't divulge too much. Tell the interviewer you emerged much wiser after what happened and are sincerely regretful. 

Employers usually zero in on applicants' convictions rather than their arrests. Keeping your DUI arrest to yourself is okay —  if that is possible. You would have to disclose a conviction, however, if it comes up on an application or in an interview.,

How detrimental this can be may depend on what kind of job you are seeking

Getting a job that requires you to regularly drive from one customer to another or from one company office to another would be challenging if you were convicted of DUI. Getting a teaching job might be a long shot because schools are sensitive to public optics. Some organizations are very insistent about simply not hiring people with a conviction on their record.

If you're still wondering how to handle this situation, talk to a knowledgeable legal professional about what to do. That individual can give you some ideas and maybe put your concerns to rest so you can ace the interview and snag the job.

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